We Love the 90´s

Welcome to We Love the 90´s festival! Festival takes place from 25th to 26th of August 2017. We Love the 90´s is a music festival located near the city center of Helsinki. The main festival area is in Suvilahti. We also have We Love the 90´s after party in Club Apollo.

Enjoy We Love the 90´s!


TWO DAY TICKET (Fri-Sat) ... 89,00 €
ONE DAY TICKET (Fri / Sat) ... 59,90 €
TWO DAY VIP TICKET  (Fri-Sat) ..... 179,00 €
ONE DAY VIP TICKET (Fri / Sat) ..... 115,00 €

You can by your tickets to the festival from TIKETTI or LIPPUPISTE

Age limit 18.